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SWAC members are part of a trusted and growing community of skilled individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct and to the safety and security of our nation's sensitive facilities and critical infrastructures.

Facility owners and operators who join SWAC gain access to a vast pool of pre-screened members whose identity, certification history, and credentials are easily verified. Members also avoid the inefficiencies and high cost of administering their own personnel assurance program.

Contractors and labor organizations who join SWAC provide their customers with a trustworthy workforce. They also are assured that their workers' privacy rights are properly protected and secure.

* Applicant must pass any required identity verification and criminal background screening before receiving membership privileges.
** Site access is determined and controlled by each individual work site.

1. Enter your membership application online.

2. Visit a SWAC Center to complete your application*.

3. Receive SWAC Membership ID and enjoy access to participating work sites**.


Your organization can join SWAC for free at any time. Membership can help you meet workforce qualification requirements, promote your company, and manage vetting and training requirements for employees and contracted personnel. SWAC provides all the online tools, and direct access to services that you need to assure the quality and integrity of your workforce. Click "REGISTER NOW" to get started.

Membership is free for public agencies, labor groups and private companies.

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Online Secure Worker Directory
  • Free Member Listing
  • Enhanced Profiles Available
Secure, Web-based Personnel Directory
  • Identity Documentation
  • Certified Screening Results
  • Audited Financial Transactions
  • Project and Subcontractor Account Management

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Individual Members

It's easy to apply for your personal SWAC membership. Just click the "APPLY OR RENEW NOW" button below and complete the application forms.

In order to submit your application (or renewal), you must provide a Sponsor Control ID (provided by your employer) or self-sponsor your membership (credit card required).

SWAC Secure Worker

$504 For 3-Year Term **
** Full Enrollment Required Every 3 Years.
  • Identity Document Authentication
  • Positive Identity Verification
  • Terrorist Watch-list Monitoring
  • Employment Affiliation Tracking
  • Membership Card Issuance
  • Mobile Authentication
  • 10-Year Address History Validation
  • Criminal Background Screening
  • Criminal History Adjudication

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Mobile & Remote Processing Options

SWAC dispatches mobile units for bulk and remote application processing, saving SWAC corporate members valuable time as well as the expense associated with reimbursing contracted workers for time spent applying for membership.

Five Mobile Processing Units are located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York to accommodate local processing for large single-site employers and labor organizations.

By special arrangements, SWAC Agents even travel out-of-state to accommodate members outside the NY/NJ region.

Call 1-877-522-7922 (SWAC) for more information about large group and remote processing.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

All members are supported by professional SWAC Agents at Processing Centers located throughout the NY/NJ region.

Click here for a current list of SWAC Processing Center locations and hours of operations.

Or, simply call 1-877-522-7922 to speak to a SWAC Agent during normal business hours.