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Verification You Can Trust. Safer, Faster, Demonstrated Compliance For All.

Common Problem. Cooperative Solution.

  • Securely Collect and Protect Members' Personal Information
  • Track Labor and Employment Relationships
  • Assure Compliance with Employment Screening and Monitoring Programs
  • Efficiently and Effectively Promote Safe Work Environments
  • Authenticate Real-Time Access Rights

SWAC Unites the Efforts of
All Risk Management Stakeholders.

Public and private organizations choose SWAC for efficient and effective personnel assurance. SWAC's advanced technologies and trusted Agents provide direct and secure access to all the services they need to evaluate and monitor individuals who access secure areas or confidential information.

Advanced data encryption, need-to-know information sharing, and comprehensive User audits always protect members' personal information and privacy rights. Premier service providers, easy-to-use certification tracking, and real-time authentication of members helps assure risk managers that their workforce is compliant with their unique personnel assurance program or criteria.

This unique public-private partnership unifies the efforts of regional stakeholders, eliminates massive duplication of time and cost, improves operational quality and integrity, and continuously maintains protection of members' privacy and employment rights.

To join SWAC's cooperative effort, simply Click here to register your organization and begin accepting SWAC certified members at your facilities.

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Featured Past and Present Members


  • Secure Enrollment
  • Privacy Protections
  • Detailed User Audit Records


  • Integrated 3rd-Party Employment Services
  • Need-to-know Information Sharing
  • Automated Notifications


  • Credential Issuance and Authentication
  • Real-time Compliance Measurement and Reporting
  • Mobile and Fixed-Location Biometric Access Control